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What size tabletop do I need?
What thickness of glass do I need or should I buy?
What type of special requests can I make?
What shapes do you offer?
What are the different types of common shower enclosures that I can choose from?
Take a look at what each of our hardware finishes look like
Shower Enclosure Options

What Size Tabletop do I need?

Here are some standard industry measurements that should be kept in mind when ordering a tabletop for your base.

• Make Sure at least 1/3 - 1/2 of the tabletop you select will be supported by the table base that you plan to use.
• You want to allow 24" - 26" for each place setting.
• Allow 4" - 6" between each chair.
• Allow 26" between the table and the wall.
• Allow 12" - 14" between the base and the end of the table for legroom.

What is the standard height for tables?

• Coffee or Cocktail table / 18" - 20" tall.
• Lamp or Occasional table / 20" - 22" tall.
• Sofa or Console table / 27" - 29" tall.
• Dining or Breakfast table / 29" - 31" tall.
What thickness of glass do I need or should I buy?

• 1/8 - double strength (DS); for windows & picture frames.
• 3/16 - plate glass; for windows, small tabletops & shower enclosures.
• 1/4 - plate glass; for tabletops & shelving
• 3/8 - heavy glass; for tabletops, shelving & shower enclosures.
• 1/2 - heavy glass; for tabletops, shelving & shower enclosures.
• 3/4 - heavy glass; for tabletops, shelving.

What type of special requests can I make?

Some special order items include special corners, which may require additional time in fabrication. There is no limit to our capabilities. If you have any questions please e-mail us. We will be happy to discuss your special requests to make sure that your glass is completed to your liking. Below we mention just a few of the special requests that we can do. Clipped corners consist of a corner that is cut off at an angle. Radius corners are round corners. Different size radius or clipped corners can give glass a very elegant look. Some of the more common clipped and rounded corners can be seen below:
In addition to clipped and rounded corners we also have Inverted Radius corners, which are the opposite of a radius corner and French corner. Also, Notches can be used so your glass or mirror can fit in a specific spot. For example a mirror that you want to sit on your counter that needs to go around a side molding can have a notch cut into the glass to go around the side molding. Holes can be drilled from 3/16" to almost any size you need, some sizes do require a set-up fee if we do not already have the particular size that you desire.

Finishes on images are 99% accurate

Here we have all of the different types of finishes that our hardware could come in. All of our hardware does not come in all of the finishes we have showing below. Please see our catalog to see the different options each item comes in. This should be used so that you can get a better idea of what one of the finishes that you may choose will look like. The colors on these pictures are 99% accurate to what they look like in real life. Keep in mind that colors on your monitor could affect the actual colors of the images.
Shower Enclosure Options

There are many different things that you should take into consideration before buying a shower enclosure or shower door whether it is going to be a major home improvement project or an upgrade for a home being built. We will describe the different types of shower enclosures, and answer some of the common questions, so when you order an enclosure or door you get what you need and want. If you know what you are looking for you are more likely to get what you want and at the price that you want. Any realtor will tell you when remodeling a home spend your money on the bathrooms and in the kitchen that is your best investment.

The first thing you need to think about is the type of enclosure or door you want? There are a few to choose from: frameless shower enclosures, semi-frameless shower enclosures, framed shower enclosures or by-pass shower enclosures. There are two main differences between the shower enclosures. First, is the way they look. Second, is the price. If you are trying to not spend a lot of money then you will want to look at framed shower enclosures or by-pass shower enclosures, because they are the least expensive.

Some people think that the only option is by-pass, framed and frameless shower enclosures. Frameless shower enclosures can be very expensive. There is another option to choose from that many people don't know about; semi-frameless shower enclosures. If you like the way the frameless shower enclosures look, but it is a bit out of your budget, you should definitely consider a semi-frameless enclosure.

When designing your shower enclosure, you don't have to completely understand the entire industry lingo to communicate or receive a quote from a designer or glass provider. It does help to understand the basics to guarantee you receive what you want or receive a proper quote. I will try to help you understand some of the industry lingo.

When ordering the shower enclosure make sure to give your glass provider the exact size of your opening do not deduct anything and let them know that it is the exact size of the opening. They can subtract the correct amount needed off each piece so that everything fits correctly. If you have a professional that is installing the shower enclosure and he gives you the exact measurements that the door needs to be then you want to make sure to let your glass provider know so they do not subtract anything from it. Do not measure it from only the center you want to give 3 measurements of the opening, one from the top, one from the center and then one from the bottom. In most cases these 3 measurements will be different and the glass provider will need to know to guarantee everything fits properly.

Installing shower enclosures and handling any large piece of glass can be extremely dangerous and should be done with extreme caution. Unless you have installed a shower enclosure before you may want to hire a professional or general contractor to do the install. To find a contractor I would recommend looking in the yellow pages. Make sure you choose someone that you feel comfortable with. Ask them some common questions if you do not like their responses talk to someone else. Remember they would be working for you not the other way around.

Custom Glass Creations is here to help you with your project, contact us with any questions you may have plus contact us to get your free quote for your shower door. Dont know what type of enclosure you need, no problem we have a list of common enclosures you can view and decide which one you need just click here.